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Parksons Graphics has state-of-the-art sheet fed printing machines from Heidelberg.

The Heidelberg XL-105 at our Taloja unit is designed for a maximum production speed of 18,000 sheets per hour in the 75 x 105 cm format. From the feeder to the delivery: the XL-105 has been designed to print even better, even faster, and with even greater productivity - so we can meet the increasing demands of our customers with even more success.

The Heidelberg CS-92 installed in 2019 helps cater to the 25 x 36 inches requirements of publishers. A state of the art machine along with its closed color loop management system ensure make-ready in less than 10 minutes.

The Heidelberg SM-52, a small format quality press, added into the crew in 2023 for better color consistency, specially in short run, small size jobs & book covers etc. The SM-52 is a 5 color press with the coater and able to print in perfection mode 2/2 colors.

Our presses are equipped with anilox coaters on which we can do dripoff and pearlescent coatings.

Continuous investments in printing technology ensure that we offer the latest techniques and possibilities in offset printing to our clients.The high-speed, hi-tech equipment provide clients with fast turnaround and consistently superior quality.

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Digital Press

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