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Quality in printing is a mix of technology, systems and people. We have honed our process over the years to deliver the same high quality in a consistent, reliable and timely fashion. Our experience in printing, along with the latest technology and our unified team provide for unmatched quality and client satisfaction.

Experience has taught us how to deal with various problems or difficulties clients may face. With over forty years of experience and a proven track record, we are equipped to handle every aspect of a client's project. Being a one-stop shop, Parksons ensures not only minimal effort for the client but also better job flow, easy supervision and therefore good quality control.


Parksons Graphics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. In addition, Parksons is gmi certified, ensuring compliance to the highest standards globally in print production.

Quality Equipment

Barcode checkers
Prepress, press and finishing departments use barcode checkers to verify barcodes for tags and labels.
Xrite Spectrophotometers are used on all press to measure spot colours
Temperature and humidity
Sensitive equipment is kept in temperature and humidity controlled areas, with calibrated instruments to monitor the measurements
Automatic Spectrodensitometers from Xrite are available on all presses and measure the colour bar on press sheets to check consistency.
Xrite plate readers are available on the CTPs to measure and verify plate quality
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